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Video—The Storyteller, by Taylor Sprague


Thank you for visiting my web site.

I have worked over the last 25 years, to use my sculpture to tell a story. Using clay and wax, I have molded images with a single purpose; to tell the story of Christ. I have endeavored to create images that illustrate our faith. However, my grandest dream is that these art pieces will find a place in the homes, offices, and lives of people who are just like me; trying every day to listen and learn; to follow Him more closely.

The pieces you see on are created from values that guide my creative designs when I’m in my studio. One value cannot be skipped or exist independently of the others:

  • God creates good
  • We are a reflection of that good
  • In conflict or triumph, we honor our Creator with our lives

The task I have embraced is to do my small part to try to remind humanity of the honor, truth, and sacred calling that rests on us all. Sometimes, it is easy to forget these ideals, but through the power and permanence of sculpture, I seek to whisper hope into distracted world.

I like to refer to my pieces as little permanent sermons; speaking truth consistently whenever they are seen or held. I care deeply about the stories presented here. I want the story to flow through my hands and into your heart.