Honor A Friend

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The sculptures of Scott Stearman Productions are created to honor you or to give you a way to honor someone in your life; perhaps one of your heroes.

It is sometimes too easy to not notice them. They may serve quietly or with great enthusiasm. But they are always there, offering their very best; doing their work and then walking to the car in the dark, long after everyone else has gone home.

Heroes of the faith; serving the best ways they know; to follow; to love their Heavenly Father by the way they love others. When we look them in the eye, words don’t always come easy…trying to express the gratitude we feel for their sacrifice and service.

When I think about the heroes I have known, I see the faces of humble men and women. I hear the preaching of great orators and the gentle teaching of Sunday School teachers in flowered bonnets.

The sculptures I offer on this web site are my attempt to put into tangible form, the truths that I have learned from the heroes of the faith who have shaped me. And true to what I learned, it is the words and character of Christ that come out first. My heroes would want me to talk about Him and not about them.

So, when I’m alone in my studio, shaping the clay in front of me, all of my heroes from my life are looking over my shoulder … whispering … so that I get the story right.